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The trainers at the Pawtucket location sucks they don't help you with the pretrip or air brakes test they make you figure it out on your own or another *** to help that's dumb they are not going to get no money from me if I don't get no license Add comment

This review is total BS. This is the boys at Nettts writing their own reviews. If this guy is so happy why is he on this web site? Much has changed since 1994. This place is all about the money. Call the school.. You will get no answers on the phone. They will try to get a sales guy in your house ASAP. That guy will push you to sign up before you visit the school. They will pressure you to do the $10,295 program, and not tell you about the... Read more

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I don't know what all the *** is about! I graduated from NETTTS in 1994, and I have never(that's right, I said NEVER!)made less than $1,000 a week. What's wrong, driving an18 wheeler isn't FUN enough for you? Is it too hard mentally? It's called work! If it was fun all the time they'd call it "Happy fun time " and everyone would be driving a truck! Driving a tractor trailer is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to know... Read more

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My husband went to NETTS in 1984! not that he needed training; he was already liscensed in another state, but was told Mass wouldn't accept his out of state license. Since I was the one employed, I paid for his student loan. He graduated, got a job (on his own) & we went on. Do I have cancelled checks from then to PROVE I paid? Noooo of course not. We've lived in 4 states in the last 30 years. Anyway, We tried to get proof from the school... Read more

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I am currently enrolled in NETTTS and have been having problems since I got there. I did receive my permit and I am now in the yard but the school is very disorganized and no one seems to know what they're doing. I was supposed to graduate this school and start my career but I am still stuck in the yard and can't do anything about it, all the instructors do is walk around and smoke millions of cigarettes and no one seems to be around when you... Read more

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The previous complaint is spot on. My experience was with the Pawtucket campus. When I called they did not answer anything, it's just a telemarketer trying to get a sales guy in to your house. Don't believe me? call and see for yourself. Just don't give them your real name or address. The guy over to my house and from the start told me I needed to give him a $25 application fee. All he covered was a 540 hour program for over $10,000. I told him... Read more

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Hello everyone i would like to take this time and use facebook to shed some light on a group of scammers that are taking advantage of not only students but the state of CT and the federal government. All i can ask is that you like and share and maybe someone in the news media or the government will take notice. I'm going to take point on this because someone with integrity has too. We all can see my name, I am a real person. I am also a student... Read more

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The experience was bad from the start. I had two interviews with this place. First time I called, they insisted on sending a guy to my house the same day. This guy used deceptive tactics to get me into the school and do financial aid the next day. He told me they only offered a class for 22 weeks for $10,295 and not to worry that financial usually covers it all. When I went there, the first guy I met wanted me to start school in a class that had... Read more

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My husbsnd went throught the course he supposedly grqduated but can't drive the trucks nor can he dock them he passed the school part with high grades but most of there trucks are in disrepair. He has canceled his state test at least a dozen times and they keep telling him they will give him road time, but they never do.. and to use the docking your lucky if you use it once a week for a half hour most of the time they just blow smoke up your... Read more

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This school is horrible save yourself the headache, time, money and don't enroll. It is a nightmare. If you are investing in yourself do not enroll in this pathetic school. It will do more harm to your career than good. If your serious about your career do your research . I can write a book on this poor school. They should remove the American flag from their uniforms and their truck for they are a non representation of the American way. Read more

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