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The experience was bad from the start. I had two interviews with this place. First time I called, they insisted on sending a guy to my house the same day. This guy used deceptive tactics to get me into the school and do financial aid the next day. He told me they only offered a class for 22 weeks for $10,295 and not to worry that financial usually covers it all. When I went there, the first guy I... Read more

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My husbsnd went throught the course he supposedly grqduated but can't drive the trucks nor can he dock them he passed the school part with high grades but most of there trucks are in disrepair. He has canceled his state test at least a dozen times and they keep telling him they will give him road time, but they never do.. and to use the docking your lucky if you use it once a week for a half... Read more

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This school is horrible save yourself the headache, time, money and don't enroll. It is a nightmare. If you are investing in yourself do not enroll in this pathetic school. It will do more harm to your career than good. If your serious about your career do your research . I can write a book on this poor school. They should remove the American flag from their uniforms and their truck for they are... Read more

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NETTTS came to my home and gave a great presentation on how wonderful the program is and how much guidance they would provide. I am a NH resident and was told they would teach me what I needed to know to pass the NH tests. They started me in class immediately and I was told to go to the DMV to get my permit. NETTTS told me it would be one test and if I didn't pass, I could take it again the... Read more

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i was in a hospital bed and kept seeing the nettts commericial on tv . i decided that the promise of come to nettts eigthteen wheels of adventure, see the country and get paid for it sounded fabulous. the day after i got out of the hospital the recruiter paid me a visit at my house. i needed financial aide so i sat through the classes which most of the students slept through.i went to united... Read more

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Now they are using their same slimy tactics to lure in the HVAC students. So, how did they go about doing that? Simple. Take the guy, Joe Lima, (that was the first person to teach magicians how to use smoke and mirrors for their benefit of manipulation and deception) and have him run that program. PERFECT!!!! Now they are using their same slimy tactics to lure in the HVAC students. So, how did... Read more

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the wrst school bill has no license to teach oil burners sal lantini is always busy danea is a electrician teaching hvac with no experience wats wrong with this schOol Add comment

I was told to wait until i pass in my permit to get assistance in job placement so I did and now they're saying until i get my cdl license?Hello? Is there really a problem while on my disability ssi?I've told them this before signing that loan!?It's obvious they just want the money!!This is insane! Read more

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My husband started attending the NETTS school and I was pretty content so as him, he finish the course and everything he had to do its been a year and husband havent got his cdl license, netherless he still going on saturday just to get on hes feet they say they would help and nothing stills going on im so Mad and disappointed. Add comment

Rumor at the school is that NETTTS is closing the CDL school to get into HVAC. My husband went here because we thought this was the best CDL school.. The truth is it is the worst. It's nothing like the guy who came to the house said it was. When we visited the school some greasy haired guy should us a beautiful classroom. Now my husband is in a old trailer in the back with no AC because the... Read more

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