New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS) - Scam

Beware..this school is all about the money. I called to ask about the school, the person on the phone (Bob) would not tell me anything, all he cared about was sending the sales guy to my house. I should have known better.

So the sales guy comes over the same day (not toooo desperate). He turned out to be ok. Not the high pressure sales I was expecting. So I enrolled and went to see financial aid. The girl (Jenna) was nice. She told me I had to meet with a Mr. Lima. This is were it gets fun. This guy should be a used car salesman. All he wanted to know was when I would pay my balance. I asked him to show me the school but he said he was to busy. He just didn't give a Sh*t. This should have been a warning.

I called the guy who came to my house and he was cool so I decided to go along with it.

I started school and it was cool to. I got Mr. C, a good teacher. Than the used car salesman comes into tthe class room and says we all have to give him 3 refrences. Next thing I know this piesce of *** is calling up my refrences to come to school. 1 day he called three times. So I went to see this LIAR about this and asks me to pay the balance of m loan. It wasn't even due. I couldn't believe it. So I told him I wanted to drop out. He didn't care about that but sad I had to pay the balance. So I stayed Just so I wouldn,t lose my money.

When I started driving, There was more time standing and doing nothing than anything else. They don,t care about this. I saw Mr. C but he said there wasn't much he could do. He told me to speak with the LIAR again. Forget it.

I also saw the big shot, I think he is the directoer yelling at a student one day in the cafetoria. This girl was asking for something and he yells I DON,T GIVE A FU*K ABOUT WHAT YOU NEED. Lucky that was her and not me, because he wouldn't diss me like that.

If you are thinking about this school what ever you do STAY AWAY from the the guy Mr. Lima. Don't believe the sales guy. He was nice but lied about how great the school is.

This experience was like buying a used car.

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Mar 15, 2014 Providence, Rhode Island

I am a student at their Pawtucket RI location and I have to say I am loving it and learning a lot. You get what you put into it. I have met 90% of the staff & seen the owner of NETTTS and every body is chill. The teachers are willing to help you passed their hours. I am in the 540 hour program and I am not half fasting it with the 160 hours. More training the better.
THEY DO NOT FORCE YOU TO LEAVE! There are a few students that have had problems in the driving test and they let them stay as long as they need in order to pass.
Not every student is well "smart" but they can't learn and grow if they are sitting at home or working for $8 a hour. Not all students have a record to be proud of for driving, but its their job to make it better and find a job that will take them. NETTTS trains you and helps you find a job. Its up to YOU to close the deal. They guide you to jobs but can't hold your hand in a interview.
People who don't pay attention when being recruited and dont ask the right questions will have the bad time. Be prepared when you see them and ask questions. I love what I am doing and I have no problem tell a friend he should contact NETTTS. The 540 program you get 10 weeks in the yard.

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Mar 05, 2014

I just graduated from NETTTS and from what I've seen and learned while I was there is the people with a negative response are the ones who are uptight and cry if they don't get their way. Like come now it's actually a great school and if you were referring to Bob Casey (guy from the commercial) your just being ***. He was the coolest guy of all and helped you whenever needed! This is the world of trucking bad language, *** talk, and hard work. So if your a little *** sissy boy find another profession. As for my recommendation if you like doing what has to be done and doing what's better for yourself goto NETTTS they'll prepare mentally, driving wise, and knowledge wise. I feel you all are free to voice your opinion but if your going to be a slacker in school and expect to be kept up with everyone else who's doing what they're supposed to be doing you have another thing coming not only in school but in life.

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Dec 03, 2013 Danbury, Connecticut

Let me put it like this, if someone ever came up to me and said " I am interested in NETTS" I would honestly punch them in the face. Not only do they lie and mislead you, you can't even get into the classroom before they want to know when your balance is being paid. The salesrep whoever the *** he was came to my house and I asked if the MGI bill would be accepted at their school, he told me yes absolutely so I paid him the 100$ deposit and show up to the class. The head honcho in bridgeport proceeds to tell me they don't accept the MGI bill for that class because it is too short, so I said ok I want the 8 week Class A program. He told me they wouldn't accept that class either and that I needed to go to the 22 week class for 10,000$ They are a rip off and a joke, I ended up finding a small school that charged me 1200 for a Class A and had a *** of a lot more driving time than I would of had going to their 22 week program. NETTS is a joke and all about money, they will lie to you to get your money, they act like they care but the only thing they care about is how deep your pockets are. STAY AWAY FROM NETTS IN BRIDGEPORT!!!!!!

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Dec 04, 2013 Hartford, Connecticut

what school did you find that was smaller and charged 1200? because i was thinking of going to nettts

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billy in holy

Oct 02, 2013 Blackstone, Massachusetts

I went here and had a problem with the classes. The instructor sucked. All we did was watch the same movie over and over. I went to complain to this Lima guy and he was useless. So I called the guy who came to my house, the only guy in this place who I could talk to and he told me to go talk to Craig the director. The guy is never there. It took me over a week to finally see this guy. When I saw him he looked f'd up like he was high or drunk or in a coma.
The school seems good, but once you start it's all down hill. For $10,295 I expected a lot more.

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happy trucker

May 15, 2013 Waterbury, Connecticut

I just recently passed my test on the 1st try in Bridgeport! While I think that students should spend more time on the field than in the classroom, I learned what I needed to in order to pass the test. I was a weekday student but switched to the weekend, because the treatment was better. I didnt really have any major issues with the weekday supervisors, but was treated much better on weekends. The weekend supervisor, John, spent more time with students on the field helping us than any other instructor there! He personally helped me prepare for the test, helping me gain confidence before the test. Hes the easiest guy to get along with. I hope he has his own school one day!
I dont know what some of u are complaining about. did u sleep in class? did u refuse to do what was asked of you? If you pay to go to a school you should learn, not stand around or stay home! half the students in my class came when they wanted to and then couldnt figure out why they failed the test 2-3 times. If you are committed to this, you will do fine. GO BRIDGEPORT!

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We were treated bad By this Jo

May 13, 2013 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

After going thru this place, my boyfriend decided to find another school. The guy at the house was fine and finance people were ok to. When we finally met Joe Lima, OMG it was bad. This guy tried to make my boyfriend feel like a loser because he needed a career. This guy is a typical car salesman. He never listened and was soo o rude to us that we decided to look for another school. I refuse to be treated rudely by a place I'm giving my money to.m

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Mar 28, 2013 Worcester, Massachusetts

What a horrible experience. I called and spoke to a guy named Charles. Completely incompetent and a rreal creepy guy too. He would not tell me anything over the phone. He said he had to send a guy to my house because that is the procedure and that it had to be that same night. I told him I wanted to know about tuition and financial aid. He said the guy at the house would do that. Than he says after you see him come to the school and meet me. Why?
The who came to my house was there to sign me up and ask for $25. He would not tell me anything about Financial aid because I had to go the the school. That's what I called for in the first place.
I drove almost an hour to go to this place only to be told I don't qualify for finanacial aid. I than had to meet this Joe lima guy everybody taks about here. It's all true. They tells me that because I can't get financial aid, I have to pay him $5,000 in four payments. I told him I ouldn't do it and he says I want to help you so go get a loan. He was in a hurry to leave I guess because he just walked out and left me there.
A total waste of my time.

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Mixed Experience - Agree with

Mar 20, 2013 Providence, Rhode Island

Overall a mixed experience. When you call they tell you nothing, just want to send a guy to your house immediately. Weird.
Financial Aid is really a joke. The school costs $9,895. I had to pay 3,500 out of my pocket while in school and the rest was student loans. Some help. The problem is students have to deal with this Joe Lima guy who is the director. When you first meet him, he claims to want to help you. Once you start, he just tells you that you have to pay him. His idea of help is telling you to borrow money from family or friends or go to a bank. Really bad experience with him.
As far as the school, it is a busy place. Absolutely a CDL mill.

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me again!

Mar 12, 2013 New Rochelle, New York

And they start 7:15- 7:20 and by 9:20 it's brake time! And they put you to stop the truck......the break is normally at 9:30 untill 10:00 and they come back 10 after and finally by 10:15-10:20 you go again in the truck. And at 10 to 12 it's over! Break again! Lunch time! No time to practice!

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One student

Mar 12, 2013 New Rochelle, New York

NETTS= are a bunch of liars!
Are unprofessional, especially field instructors, trucks are junks.
I used to go at 7 o'clock in the morning to be on the field and until 12 I did one drop and hook and probably practicing maneuvers for test 2 times.
Too many students practice on one truck, instructors do not train! I am deeply disappointed, I started school in September and they scheduled and canceled the test day of 4 times so far.

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Feb 28, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts

I notice where there are 26 responses qualifying this post as B.S. I challenge even one person who responded in this manner to post where the B.S. is in this post..NETTTS is a scam... Always has been , always will be..Ask why their program went from 160 hr. for a CDL A license to 600 hours for a CDL A license... It's all because of increased revenue for the school..You will spend a lot of your time simply watching videos.. As far as one on one instruction... Forget it..

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Mr. Sweat

Mar 08, 2013 North Haven, Connecticut

Nettts in Bridgeport CT is a rip-off, don't go there the instructors do not teach U; U teach your self, everybody fails the test, the trucks R all broken-down, the instructors argue and threaten students constantly, Ronnie and Arnold R the worst, the cost is $10,000, and its a terrible rip-off

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Scott G.

Feb 15, 2013

I will tell you my experience with NETTTS and you can judge for yourself. Yes I did graduate and yes I did get my CDL-A license. Was that CDL-A worth almost 10k and 6 months of my time? I dont believe so. There are many other schools that teach you how to get your CDL in 8 weeks. Why does this school take 6 months? The reason is simple. That is how they get to be accredited and that is how they get all that financial aid. So what do you do for 6 months?

3 months of your time is spent sitting in a class room learning nothing. On the weekends my class watched TV Shows and movies for at least 3 hours a day both days. It is what the instructors call "filler" The teachers did give us answers to all of the test questions so to say you graduated with a 4.0 gpa is a joke.

Once you hit the field things change drastically from the classroom. The people that say you only get out of it what you put in to it are correct. Thats because once you are out in the field you get very little if any actual instruction. You have to basically teach yourself. Good luck even finding your instructor if it's cold or raining out. I will point out it is not fair to judge every instructor by what i am posting here. There are some that really do care. There are some really good people that work there. They are few and far between in my experience though.

For the record I NEVER saw any kind of differential treatment towards the women attending school. Good or
... Show more

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Feb 11, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts

Netts is strictly about incoming revenue..Please do your research before you decide to enroll in this ' School ". NETTTS paid a fine of over one million dollars to the Federal Government for providing misleading information regarding placement rates and pass rates to prospective students... I know this as being the absolute truth... I worked there for over 3 years. Their hand will be in your pocket before you blink.

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Aug 20, 2012

Anyone looking for a great and honest school with fantastic instructors look up Nationwide Diesel Technologies Inc. in Smithfield, R. I.
No hassle or pressure, friendly and knowledgable instructors.

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Sep 27, 2013

Yes I agree Nationwide in Smithfield or International in Johnston are both outstanding schools. NETTTS is all about taking your money and teaching you nothing. Instructors are absolutely useless. (Pawtucket RI). Teach yourself for 10,000 dollars. STAY AWAY PASS THE WORD !!!

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Aug 20, 2012

This Schools is all out in it just for the money . Classroom is unstructured , they give you all the answers to the tests and train you how to speak like a trucker also . After you make it through the classroom instruction you learn to do drop and hook on really OLD International trucks which you are lucky to even have brakes . In the outside tents they serve you hose water in coolers , and field instructors who humiliate you . Isn't this school ? I spent $9850.00 on this school and found out I will have to be away from my family at least 1 year on the road to even be considered to a local job . Why did they not even tell me this ? BEWARE of this school ! :( :( I left this school to find a job to pay off the loan..

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Jer L.

Jun 04, 2012

NETTTS training was sufficient, lots of the field work is learned by your own will though. And there is not sufficient road time. Biggest problem with NETTTS is they are a license mill, they recruit you selling you a pipe dream. Sure you can get great OTR jobs after you pay almost $10,000 to NETTTS and get trained by the OTR Co. anyway. But if you have issues where you can not go OTR right off for what ever reasons including past bad choices that are over 10 years old they do nothing for you. The Somers Placement Dir. Val is useless. Looks down her nose at you and says "goodluck".

Hey Greenburg, why would you even pay a sallary to someone you don't need? Fire her! The OTR recruiters come in with out her help. Gina and Garry are pretty helpfull.

Your school recruiters should be honest about the lack of job prospects for convictions (not even related to trucking) and Motor vehicle violaions.

Yes if you are truely trying to turn your future around NETTTS is not the answer. In the end once your licensed Placement Dir. Val will not help you unless you are her favorite or up her ***!

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Jun 04, 2012

If I knew then what I know now!! I would not have wasted time and money! The recruiter that came to the house was very misleading (yes, lied). The "loan" they got us (MEFA) will take us 20 years to pay!! I've been wondering why we've been making payments (more than the minimum) for 3+ years and the balance doesn't seem to budge. It's because the interest is compounded daily! I am now taking out a loan against my 401k to get rid of this scam loan! The other lie was that companies would go back 20+ years and care about a DUI that happend that long ago (perfect driving record since then). We tried SO many companies - none were interested. Had to settle for a job requiring a Class B!
And, as he applied, there were quite a few companies that trained while your worked and helped you get your Class A! NETTS - waste of time & money!

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