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This pig of a being has to be the world's biggest ***. He will lie straight to your face regarding just about every aspect regarding the school, what to expect, and how payment will break down.

He also speaks to you like you are a piece of sh*t and are inferior to him. I don't know how this *** got to be the Director of Admissions. Having him as your representation of who you are is on par with having a child molester be the clown at a kids birthday party! Just horrible...

Check out some other options in the area. There is a school in N.

Smithfield, RI ( I believe). Anything is better then dealing with this Neanderthal...

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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I met Joe Lima in his office to go over a payment. As he sprayed me, his desk, and the floor with pieces of sweet bread and some bits of Portuguese meat, he partially shouted in between bites that I owed him money.

Considering I was paying him cash, I wasn't listed in their system as a student and he told me the placement office wouldn't be able to help me, since we cut a deal off the grid. Better to pay this fungus $1500 for full training than over $10K!!!!!!

Massachusetts, United States #973944

I went to the Pawtucket r.i. nettts and it wasn't a bad experience but there were a few things i didn't like about it.

One thing the class room sizes are way to big, the permit class isn't too bad, but when you start the second module they put you into a class that is almost ready for the training yard and that is when it becomes a little overwhelming especially if you have problems of being a large classroom environment. The biggest problem i had is when it came down to the log books, my math skills suck and i couldn't comprehend what the instructor was explaining and that hurt me a little. Then came the training yard, i think i spent more time standing around than in a truck, they knew that i didn't know how to drive a stick shift so learning the maneuvers was a bit more challenging. When it came to road time i did pretty good in a group but one on one i barley had any road time, the instructor would become too impatient and agitated and then cut my time short and that would be the end of that.

so i didn't get that much training time and road time, so when it came to the cdl test i failed on the straight back and i couldn't keep going so i told the trooper that i couldn't continue and i went home. The stress got to me and plus i was and still financially struggling i couldn't go back.

I didn't have a problem with the older veteran instructors maybe one, but the younger ones who thought they were high and mighty are the ones i had a problem with. All in all its not a bad school but it need to be organised and the instructors need to be a little more patient with the ones who are struggling

Peabody, Massachusetts, United States #628131

I recently met with Mr. Lima regarding the possibility of my son attending school.

To say he was sleazy would be the understatement of the year. The only thing this slug was concerned about was how we were going to pay them..If this represent NETTTS I want nothing to do with them..I had heard stories about their behavior but this was as bad as anything I've ever encountered in over 25 years in dealing with business people.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #600716

Before you enroll in this school do your research. They were sued by the Federal Government for over one million dollars for proving prospective students mis leading information regarding job placement and pass rates..They will have their hand in your pocket before you're able to sit down.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #597409

I had the " pleasure " of working for Joe Lima for over three years. Everything stated above is absolutely factual.

Mr. Lima advised us to do or say anything to get them to come to school. They have no resources, tell them to go borrow from a friend or family member. Then he'd tell them " follow your dream ".

If you for one second believe Mr.

Lima is interested in you, please think again. Mr Lima and NETTTS is only interested in your checkbook.

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