DO your research before you go to NETTTS. An Admission Rep will come to your home and after finishing the presentation he or she will ask you for a registration fee ranging from $ 25.00 to $ 100.00.

The Rep has been trained just to get you into the facility. DO NOT PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE. Not necessary. Ask the Rep, or if you decide to explore further, ask about why they were sued for over one million dollars by the Gov't for providing false info.

NETTTS is a propriatary school..They're in the business of making money..NETTTs' function is making money..

It doesn't matter how they do it.. They don't care.They certainly don't care about you.

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So i ended up enrolling at the North Andover Campus. It turns out it was 5 minutes closer to me then the Somers.

Did a lot of research before enrolling. Met with Don Lane. He was very accommodating. Let me speak randomly to all of enrolled students.

All were very satisfied. All of the staff were very friendly and seemed eager to help me and answer my questions. Joe Lima works at the Pawtucket campus not North Andover. So I did not meet him.

I have been attending classes for a few weeks now and everything is great. To Gerry, after much research, the 160 hour program is still available. That is a cash program and does not qualify for financial aid. The 600 hour program is qualified for financial aid.

I qualified for the pell grant which is money given to you by the government that you dont have to pay back. If you get the pell grant the 600 hour program is not much more then the 160 hour program. The remainder of the balance can be financed with the government and the payments do not start until six months after you graduate. Not a bad deal.

No wonder why you got fired. You don't even know what programs they offer. Financial aid is somewhat newer to North Andover. It gives the students more options.

So the price and the hours did not increase overnight. They just added additional programs to help those students who could not afford to attend school without the help of financial aid. I see many graduates coming back in each week who just landed a new job to show off their new shiny trucks. That will be me shortly.

They take your picture and hang it on the wall. Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put in.

Just thought I would let everyone know what I experienced and state the facts. NETTTS are good people trying to give an opportunity to people who want to change their lives.

Somers, Connecticut, United States #664166

Hey "confused". Don't listen to Mr.

"Woe is me". He's just mad that he was mediocre at his job and got fired. The other two he mentioned work at the North Andover campus.

You'll do fine in Somers. Good luck.


Oh I see. Mark Greenberg owns the company.

So what about the other two.

You can find Boston globe article at Boston Globe Top Places to Work 2012. North Andover got second place for small companies.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #663631

So, you did a lot of research, then you should know Mark Greenberg is not a manager, he owns the Co. Boston Globe- Best places to work..

Exactly when was that published. I'd love to read it.

And no, I don't hate these people at all..All I'm doing is stating facts. I wish you the best..


So what point are you trying to make? You hate those three managers?

Why post it here on this site. If this is not about you then who is it about? What do you mean give it to them and take it away? Don't most business's try to achieve more revenue?

I am enrolling into the Somers school this week. Should I steer clear of these three managers? I did a lot of research on this school and talked to a lot of trucking companies and NETTTS comes highly recommended.

Also Somers and North Andover campuses won high esteem honors in top places to work (Hartford Courant and Boston Globe) Can,t be that bad of a place to work. What Campus did you work at?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #663277

To your points: Yes, I worked there for over 3 years. I actually enjoyed my job.

I despised working under Don Lane, Joe Lima and Mark Greenberg. I witnessed first hand how they treated their employees. Mr. Greenberg walking in and telling the D.A.

Fire them all they're not cutting it..

Joe Lima every other Thursday telling us to give it to them then take it away..Don Lane telling us we need more revenue..This is not about me. This is how employers should deal with employees who do what they're instructed to do..By the way I am employed, and I have a family and responsibilities..I could go on and on..


If the place was that bad, why did you stay for 3 years? :grin


You need to let it go and go get a job. You must have really enjoyed working at NETTTS.

If not I don't think you would waste all of your efforts trashing their business.

You need to spend your day looking for employment. Don't you have a family to support, Just get over it already.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #656853

O.K. One last thing...Exactly where are the lies?

Everything I've posted is absolutely factual...

Not only are you a liar, but worst you're a coward.. Beyond pathetic.

Somers, Connecticut, United States #656780

Do you really think that I care to read through every comment throughout this entire website just to laugh at your misguided attempts to sound like you're trying to help people. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you obviously had no problems with their enrollment policies for the three years that you worked there. You only took to this website to talk about "how bad and evil the school is" after you were fired.

Bottom line = You were not good enough at your job and you were fired so now you're trying to harm their business with lies. Sorry, people with an IQ over 60 can see right through it.

PS - I didn't say that I never worked there, I said that I don't currently work there. Sure I used to work for them, how else would I know so much about them and how else would I know that all you are trying to do is mislead people because you're upset that you lost your job?

Move on, man. Get a new job. Work hard at it. Maybe you won't get fired this time. And if you do get fired, please realize that it was your fault so you don't sound so pathetic.

I'm done with you. Good luck (sounds like you need it).

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #656623

You post you don't work at NETTTS yet you know of Joe Lima, Don Lane and Mark Greenberg. Please, give me a break.

You obviously have a vested interest. Look, I understand a business needs to turn a profit. That certainly isn't a sin. I saw first hand how Mgm't treated their employees and students..THEY DON'T CARE.

They will toss you and lie about it..We both know that's true... You have not addressed the other similar complains posted regarding NETTTS. That being said, you have made my case for me..

I wish you the best.. Goodbye.

Somers, Connecticut, United States #656196

Who I am is irrelevant. The bottom line is that the school can help those who are willing to help themselves. No, I don't like Mark, Don or Joe but they're not what the schools are about. The schools are about helping people who want to be truck drivers train for their CDL. No, the 600 hour course is not necessary to achieve a Class A CDL but it's the only option for students who need federal grant and financial aid money because the course is long enough to qualify for that aid. The shorter courses are comparable in price with courses of the same length offered at other schools. Other schools, however, do not offer unlimited testing and training like NETTTS does.

Is the school "about making money"? Of course, it is a business after all and what business doesn't want to turn a profit? But if you're willing to work hard and you want to be a truck driver, NETTTS will help achieve that goal.

That said, I would advise anyone to be sure it's the right choice for them before signing up.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #656081

I stand corrected NETTTS cannot guarantee a CDL..However, you still have not addressed all the other negative posts regarding NETTTS. Pawtucket, No.

Andover. and Ct.. Perhaps they're all crying in their milk as well.. One more thing: I'm sure you know who Joe Lima is, since you know everything else.

His mantra.. " Give it to the then take it away " Gee, that's not enticement is it? Mark Greenberg walking into the Pawtucket office looking at the board and telling the A.D. fire them all, they're not cuting it..

Those are facts.

This is not about me, but strictly about NETTTS. You still haven't told me who you are.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #655659

Oh. one more thing...

Please explain to me how the requirements for a Class A went from 160to 600 hours overnight...

And the cost went from $ 4995.00 to $9895.00 overnight...Gee, it wouldn't do with anything other than increasing revenue would it?

to Gerry Somers, Connecticut, United States #656070

You sound like an ***. "The requirement for a CDL A went from 160 to 600 hours overnight"? What the *** are you talking about? There are no training hour requirements to get a CDL; all that's required is that you pass both parts of the test. NETTTS offers training, not licensing. No wonder you got fired...you worked there for three years and have no idea what you're talking about.

And you're right, the case was brought by the fed, not the state. It still doesn't change the fact that it was 15 years ago, all of those reps were fired and NETTTS has never been brought up on charges since or failed an accreditation visit.

And no, I don't work there. It's just apparent that I know your job better than you ever did. Keep crying.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #654940

So, you think I'm dumb.. It was not the State but the Fed.

Gov't that brought suit...Go look at the posts regarding NETTTS .. Yes,I posted some but there were many more from other people.. The fact is look at their history. They terminate people if they tell the truth about the school..

If you didn't get enough deposits from prospective students, you were either laid off or terminated..You may think I'm dumb, but at least I'm not a phony. You know who I am.. Have the balls to tell me who you are..

I know you work at NETTTS Ct.The more you post the worst you look.. Do some research.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #649284

To Funny:

Judging by your location and inability to construct a proper sentence it's obvious that you're a NETTTS employee..Thus you must know that it's against the law to pay commission for enrollment into a for profit school..It's strictly a salaried position. I was not terminated, I was laid off..I challenge you to tell me one thing I posted that was not factual..You might want to read some other posts regarding NETTTS before making such an ignorant statement..

Would you like discuss the law suit the Gov't filed and won about NETTTS? Didn't think so.

Somers, Connecticut, United States #648661

Another thing, if you're so concerned with the students well-being, how many did you tell this stuff to while you were at their house and had that enrollment agreement out? I mean, you're so concerned that NETTTS is a bad place, you must have warned them before enrolling them, right? No? Oh...then you must have given back your bonus and commission checks, right? Because it's obvious that you hate that the place makes money. I mean, you wouldn't want to participate in something that puts money in your pocket while helping people with no skills possibly break into the job market. You come off so high and mighty against a school THAT YOU WORKED AT FOR THREE YEARS DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE "WARNING" PEOPLE ABOUT.

It's called sour apples, folks. The guy got fired so he's making up lies to try and harm the company that kept him employed for three years.

Get over it, man. Of course the school wants to make money, that's what businesses do. There are folks who work there that care about helping the students...even if you weren't one of them.

to Funny Boston, Massachusetts, United States #650331

What's the matter funny....No stones.... refusing to defend your ridiculous post.

to Gerry Somers, Connecticut, United States #652168

You said that you worked there for three years meaning that you worked there when monthly commissions were still being paid. So, I ask again, did you ever refuse the checks because of your morals?

If not, did you advise students not to go to the school? Or did you do everything that you're talking about...asking for enrollment fees and lying to students and such?

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