When you first start in this "school" they are all nice and everything, they even go to your house to register you, and all their b.s. they say the course is only like 5 months.

LIE. You may only meet the director once in the first classroom and that's it he's always hiding in his cave you will never see him in the field either too cold or too hot for him. In the classrooms you will watch the same videos over and over for like 2 months. After you go out on the field YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN out of the 20 instructors they have there only 3 or 4 will help you ( Ronnie, Magno, Denisse and some other guy ) the rest are just there to get pay .

Since they move Arnold up he doesn't care about the students. A couple people doing short courses wich was supposed to last 1 month, Were there for like 5 to 7 months because of lack of good instructors. Out of the 20 to 30 people testing every week only 3 to 7 pass the test and if you don't pass they will schedule for like 3 to 4 weeks after to test again. Add all this time up and you may end up in that hole "school" for like 1 year or 2 like a lot of people that still there.

they will not help you get a job after you get out of school they will not call you to see how you are doing.

All they care is about getting their$10.000 and leave you with a loan that you may not be able to pay. Do some research before they come to your house

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I totally agree with the above complaint!!! The NETTTS in Somers, CT is the same way!!!!

And if you're from Mass, FORGET about it. Once your in nthe field, you are on your own. And mass students get the old trucks with no AC while the CT students get the brand new trucks. That is not my biggest complaint because at least we have a truck to use.

However, they are supposed to take you out for an hour each day to drive the truck one on one. The CT guys go out all the time which is why %80 of the students pass their test the first time, and Mass students barely ever get a chance to go on the road, which is why %10 pass the first time. Do your research to confirm this is true. I know someone there now who has not been out one on one in over a month now!!!!

What are we paying money for?? The students have to get together and test each other on the pre-trip inspections and the maneuvers. The MA instructor loves to leave early and not say anything to any of the students.

Please don't waist your time, especially if you have a family and a full time job! Look around for other options.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #653855

NETTTS is a school that cares only about revenue... They don't care where it comes from..

you, your relatives friends etc. NETTTS program went from 160 hours to 600 houre overnight... The class a program went from $ 500.00to $ 10.000 overnight.. The reason : Increasing revenue.

NETTTS was sued by the Gov't and had to pay them over one million dollars for deceiving students regarding placement rates and pass rates.. Those are absolute facts.

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