I worked as an Admission Counselor for over 3 years at NETTTS. I saw first hand both their employment practices and recruitment practices.

I can certainly understand being laid off, what I can't understand is them lying to me and believe it or not neglecting to tell me I was laid off. My wife told me as I waited in the office. She knew because she saw 3 paychecks hit on the same day. The Director's response.

Oh, I didn't know it was today. That's right the Director of the school. As far as recruitment..We were told just get them in here, we'll handle the rest. We were told " give it to them then take it away ".

In other words entice them. Check out the law suit filed against NETTTS by the Fed Gov't for lying to prospective students. Do your homework Visit the school. Talk with students.

That will tell you all you need to know. And whatever you do hold onto your wallet.

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Sal Lentini is a bully, he yells and screams at Students as well as Instructors and fires them if they happen to be more intelligent than he is, which isn't saying much, this guy looks like MOE of the three stooges. And even MOE was smarter that this VAIN little man.This school is a rip off,

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #636657

Note to Don Lane, Joe Lima or Mark Greenberg...It's obvious you have clicked the bull sh.. response..

I challenge you to provide us with where the B.S. lies..Show some backbone...

Don't just hide in your offices when someone confronts you...I'll not stop until I get an answer from you... COWARDS.

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