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I had high hopes to get my CDL from NETTTS. I was harrassed from the very first day. Needless to say, after just a few weeks, I decided to quit. I'm not going to pay $9400 and have to put up with the *** on a day to day basis. Unfortunatley I will have to pay something because I was there for 5 weeks.

I'll keep you informed of what kind of bill they send me..

My advise: DO NOT GO TO NETTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will get your CDL, but you will also have to put up with the *** they dish out EVERY DAY!

Review about: New England Tractor Trailer Training School Driving Instructor.

Monetary Loss: $9400.

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plz don,t go there. one of guy arnold not good to much, rude with students, and big sucker.


I agree. I am a current student.

I have done all the classroom work and i am currently out in the training field. The instructors are great and the teachers in the classrooms are great. Yes, the trucks are crappy, but as you get further along in the coarse they get better. The trucks you test on at the end with the trooper is nearly new.

Its tough at times but the instructors are there for you, there are moves i never thought i would get and i got. Never mind this brain remembering all the pre trip stuff. I got it everytime now. There are alot of crappy companies that come in to the school that pre hire everyone, but there are a few that are great, but harder to get into.

With the assistance of the placement dept i will be headed to TMC Transport in a couple months. You get what you put into it. This in my eyes is hands down the best school for the trucking industry. I have no idea where the negatives are comming from.

BTW...tuition -9400.00 (-) 3700 pell grant (=) 5700 (-) TMC Transport up to 6000 tuition reimbursement = free school.

Where is this too expensive? Pay attention, show up, do a resume, get a job, get school paid for!

to David Enfield, Connecticut, United States #649897

I am currently enrolled at the school in Somers, CT. I am enrolled in the short coarse.

I agree with David... Its what you put into the class that you will get back.... I have to work harder than most of my class.. But I dont have any sympathy for those who expect to advance by not showing up to class..

or show up just to sign in and leave.. Then when they do show up they think they should get all the attention because they slacked all week and dont get it... I have had great responses from the companies who I have applied for. If you have tickets, cant pass drug tests, and your attendance sucks think before enrolling.

I am pleased with all the help they offered. No negitivity from me... Yes the trucks are crappy but they get better as you go... And yes instructors are all different with the teaching skills..

Tough love Guys and Gals!!! Suck up critisism and get better so you can move to the next instructor..

to harley girl Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States #1234933

NETTTS SUCKS *** THE Instructors are there to train you this isn't on the job training is school the trainers are the most unprofessional people I have ever met 1 instructor helped me all the the other ones don't give a *** wethersfield you pass or not I don't know how they get government funding IT'S A SCAM AND THOSE ARE COLD HARD FACTS. I passed because I took it upon myself to do my own training not from anything any of the instructors showed me.they should be investigated SCAM


I had recieve my CDL at netts years ago, I was told that anyone can quit,but the winners get jobs,and the loser get only get the bill, if you want it bad enough you let no one get in your way,be a man an go back to netts, and get a job, the job will be worth all the cramp you have to put up with and the job they help you get, will pay that bil, good luck


I'm a person committed to a happy future, and I am not going cast sunshine up your you know what, but I totally disagree with this gentleman's view of this school. When I decided to pursue a career change from engineering to trucking because of the slow pace of economic recovery I choose this school because I can work during the week at what I was presently doing and go to school during the weekend. Yes, there are cheaper ways to get your CDL A license, but these alternatives required me to work on a loading dock at the company's terminal and make low wages. That wasn't satisfactory to me because I have an apartment, utilities, and child support obligations. From day one I notice that this school was committed to everyone success from Placement to the students. Big name trucking companies would send recruiters to speak to the students i.e. Schneider, Rolher, Stevens, Werner...they want the students from NETTTS because they are trained by Professional Truckers not people who trained in reading passages out of a book. They have given me valuable insight to my questions about this industry the good, bad and the ugly. They even have an Instructor who is Safety Certified, so you can bring that certificate to your Insurance company so you can get a discount on your automobile insurance. in All I have gotten The St. of CT sends their DOT Troopers there to test for the skills test.

If you were there long enough, you would have found out that these trucking companies that I have mentioned have tuition reimbursement that would have lowered your cost for tuition. Meaning they would have made your payments for you, which translates into a good credit score...

Sorry you were there long enough to fore fill your dreams.

Ben L


Well, How much is the bill.

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