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This is the "puppy-mill" of driving schools. Everyone who is seen, is qualified to go to school. They play the game of making it appear that it is a challenge to get in school, however I sat next to a person who had 16 felony convictions (the latest being a sexual assault that was less than a year ago). The student body is composed of criminals, cons, and low-lifes and the Director -of-Admissions "Joseph Lima" tops the chart as the biggest *** bag of them all. He will enroll anyone as long as he can keep them at the school long enough for the school to retain the full pell grant money received from the government! I personally watched two guys in my class that were told not to take the permit test until after their 6th week. Then, upon going to the registry to take the test, WHAM they are told they don't qualify for a permit, they get kicked out of school, and NETTTS retains the pell money!

There is a school in N. Smithfield, RI that I now attend. Less money and better one on one training.

I could go on with more examples of the dissatisfaction of my tenure at NETTTS, but I'll let you decide. Speak with Joe Lima the Director-of-Admissions and ask him questions regarding job placement, cost of school, and even where they are located and see if you get any straight answers. If your gut isn't screaming "this guy is a snake oil salesman" after a one minute conversation, then this IS the school for you!

Joe (Prov)

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My son arranged for an "interviewer" to come by the house. We did all the paperwork, visited the school, etc. In the end, there was a problem with his financial aid that was totally fixable, but the shrew in the financial aid office was rude, dismissive, and borderline hostile to me on the phone. I'm thankful for that, actually, because it led me to investigate more about the school and I encountered dozens of horrendous reviews about this company that I might not have otherwise seen.

I have a couple of co-workers whose spouses drive truck, and they also warned us to stay away from NETTTS. Apparently, NETTTS crams way too many people into one class, so you're constantly standing around waiting your turn behind the wheel.

Long story short, my son still wants to drive truck, we'll have to pay cash for his program, and we're doing it through a different (better) school. Thanks, PAULA in Financial Aid, for being such a (....).

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Please believe me when I tell you this.Stay as far away from Joe Lime as you can.

I worked for Joe Lima for over 3 years. You mat ask why? The answer is because I had a family and responsibilities. Joe Lima has NO morals..His sole function is to get you enrolled..

Get your money.. The more students that enroll the larger his bonus.. The same holds true for Don Lane, and Mark Greenberg, the owner of the school.. Their sole purpose is to extract as much money from you and the Fed.

Gov't as they can.. You are nothing once they have your money. You will be in debt forever. DO NOT TRUST JOE LIME.

He will lie to your face..

Just ask around the school..They will tell you the exact same thing.


Couldn't agree with you more. Dead on the $$$

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