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Hello everyone i would like to take this time and use facebook to shed some light on a group of scammers that are taking advantage of not only students but the state of CT and the federal government. All i can ask is that you like and share and maybe someone in the news media or the government will take notice.

I'm going to take point on this because someone with integrity has too.

We all can see my name, I am a real person. I am also a student at New England Tractor Training School better know as NETTS. You can read all the negative reviews of the school else where. My class date when i began school is 9/19/2015.

My class had 18 students, it was one of the biggest classes, keep that in mind. Now if you are a felon or have a felony , are white or a woman you're to put it bluntly *** from day one. If you use drugs don't worry you can hold off the drug test for 10 weeks.Random drug testing is not randomoh and the doctor who gives you your DOT Physical is really a chiropractor.Classroom is long and drawn out and when you take the tests don't worry the teachers give you the answers before you take the test. so after you get to the training field just to let you know the trucks you train on are un-safe.

let me restate that. all the trucks you train on either on the training field or over the road are UN-SAFE. the seats don't slide, they lose air pressure all the time ,cracked windshields. HELLO DMV INSPECTOR"S maybe you should look a little harder, but then and again you are state workers and let's face it why do your job right.

Anyway I have lots of free time while training because you maybe get 15 mins every 2 hours to practice your driving.

Don't worry though because when you take your CDL test one instructor is there helping you where the DOT inspector can't see because another instructor is distracting the inspector, and if you're a good looking woman Gus, the head instructor will make it his personal mission to distract the inspector. I've seen in all my time there only 4 really good instructors everyone else is a real dreg. If you have any issues don't bother going to the director of the school, it won't do any good. I went to him about the racisim and the safety issues.

It did not do one lick of good, like i said if you're white a felon or a woman you are royally and truly ***. so if you want my honest opinion don't attend NETTS in Bridgeport ct. all they want is your money or the government's student loan. if you attended NETTS and feel that you did not get the education you paid for please feel free to private message me because i am considering taking legal action against the school.

pleas like and share and maybe someone in the media or in the government will take a stand with me. thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: New England Tractor Trailer Training School Driving Instructor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Former Somers Ct nettts sucker... can confirm their sketchy practices.

I'd love to see them taken down. Good luck to you in fighting them.

I ended up quitting nettts. I still took a hit, but not a $10000 dollar one.

I owe less than 2 grand to fedloans. Instead I went to a different, better, more professional school. I researched ways to pay for a license and found WIA. WIA is a government funded program and they will pay up to $5000 (if funds are available) for you to get your CDL.

Look into it, research it, do it.

DON'T spend it on nettts.

Good luck to you all except for the dirty, trolling, lying nettts instructors on this forum.


Same thing with NETTTS North Andover! The biggest scam in the truck industry.I am ready to denounce the school to the federal government but I fear they are all involved in the same scam.

Gray, Maine, United States #1311900

I went to NETTTS in Somers, CT, a few years ago. I paid attention to the instructors unlike the majority of the students who actually thought that their opinions mattered.

I noticed that the millenials have a horrible attitude problem and did things "their way" rather than listen to the instructors. I passed my CDLA test the first time I took it while the majority flunked it because they failed to do things the way NETTTS told them.

The problem is not with the school. It's with the intensely poor upbringing of the average millenial.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1243081

My experience was totally the opposite because I went to NETTTS with a focus agenda to become a professional driver. Today I'm a owner operator after working as a company driver for Eastern, Marten and FedEx. My net income as a owner operator is over $100,000.00 and it all started 3 years ago for me at NETTTS.

Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States #1239299

Totally agreed!!! I go to NETTS in Pawtucket RI. This school is a *** show.


I agree. Total BS man






Same exact thing at netts in somers ct I'd be willing to fight with you brother

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