I have read a lot of things about NETTTS. A lot negative, some positive.

I can tell you as a graduate of NETTTS the truth is some where in between. It has been over a year or so that I graduated and got my CDL but my guess is that things haven't changed.The course is 6 months long (give or take) and costs over 9,000 dollars for the full course. This seems totally unreasonable to me now. At the time though I was so hyped up on the line of *** the recruiter sold me I couldn't sign those papers fast enough.

Being broke and recently laid off my choice of schools was limited. NETTTS is the only school for a CDL I know of that you can get financial aid through. Other schools in the area like United and Tri-state want 5,000 for their 8 week course. I didnt have that money up front so NETTTS was the only option for a CDL.

They had me and they knew it. The first 3 months or so was classroom. I read in another post here that the teachers gave them the answers and that part is 100% true. They give you the answers because they know the class room is just sh*t that NETTTS does to stay accredited so they are able to offer those student loans.

Other than the first 2 weeks of permit prep the rest was useless. Your classroom consists of watching movies, reading from a book...and watching more movies. No not all of the movies are classroom related. I heard this called "filler" I call it a huge waste of time.

I can watch TV at home. After the class room was over you go out in to the field. The field is a lopsided, hilly, badly paved, excuse for a parking lot. Your only protection from the elements is the clothing you are wearing and maybe a tarp...maybe.

The equipment isn't great. Its even worse if you are a Massachusetts student. At the Somers, CT. NETTTS there is a huge difference between the quality of equipment for MA and CT students.

There is even a difference in the part of the field you practice on. Massachusetts gets the a** end of the field. I have seen better parking lots at Walmart. Being a CT student I was lucky and didn't have to deal with it.

I'm not blind however and people do talk. The instructors seem to be a hotly debated topic so I will throw in my 2 cents. In the classroom some of them will bore you to tears. Some of them are awesome and keep things interesting and fun.

It's really the luck of the draw. To be fair to the classroom guys though they are just trying to burn time with some half A** curriculum that is a bad joke. Useless at best.Out on the field some of the instructors really do care. You can see it.

They try their best to teach you on *** equipment in a parking lot that hasn't been paved since 1968. The lines and dashes they teach you to do the maneuvers by are faded and a lot of times can barely be seen. The good instructors work through the garbage and you will learn how to get this CDL. Other instructors really don't care at all.

They act like they are doing you a favor by being there. No, I paid almost 10k for you to be here and I expect to be treated like a human being not some cattle that you are pushing through the slaughter house. Who are you to belittle people and make them feel like they are not good enough to do this? That they will never learn how to do this?

Lets be honest here this is NOT rocket science.The field is where I saw the majority of people quit. I can't tell you why they all quit. Just one day they wouldn't come back. It happened more often than you would think.

If you quit once you hit the field you will still owe the FULL amount of your loan. So think twice about this decision. If you make it past the classroom you are locked in to that loan. The shifting drills were horrible.

I think you go out on 4 of them. From what I remember I would rather be castrated with a rusty spoon than do that again. Seems to me there would be a better way to teach people how to shift other than shoving 4 of them and an instructor in the truck and going out for 4 hours. I never met anyone that enjoyed them.

1 on 1 time is pretty good. In my opinion that's how shifting drills should be done. You would think for the money that's not asking a lot and would probably be way more beneficial. I know that's how they do it at United in Chicopee, MA.

and since I brought up United I know they get you out on the road every day. NETTTS does not. I know these things because I have a friend that got his CDL through United and he still laughs at me for going to NETTTS. Thats what happens when you don't plan for these things.

You take what you can get and NETTTS was all that I could afford...and no I am not a corporate shill for United. Just putting the information out there. What happens after I get my CDL you might ask. You think you are going to forever be secure in a great high paying job?

That's what the recruiters tell you. Not just NETTTS recruiters mind you. All of these CDL schools preach the same thing. This could be true.

CDL drivers are in demand. Just not local drivers right out of school. OTR is an acronym that you will become all to familiar with. OTR stands for "Over The Road" and over the road means TV dinners, public bathrooms and showers, laundry mats, and living like some kind of weird homeless person/hobo hybrid.

The only difference is you have money...after awhile. You do not break in to this industry making crazy amounts of money unless you know someone. You do not get a local job unless you know someone or are extremely lucky. Local usually means driving a Class B truck for somewhere between $13-$16 an hour.

Once again maybe more if you are lucky or you know someone. Unless you have at least 6 months OTR with a reputable company local companies wont even look at you. I was told it is because of their insurance. So they pay less on their insurance premiums because they hire experienced drivers...how do the companies that NETTTS and other schools have you fill out applications for afford to hire new drivers right out of school?

That money has to come from some where right? They can afford to do it because they don't pay you sh*t. They can do this because they know you have no other alternative. It's OTR or forget it.

Don't believe me? Go ahead and call around to some local companies. OTR is not for everyone. It might be great if your young, single and want to pay for sexual favors at truck stops.

Any chance of what most would consider a normal life is shot to h*ll. Know this before you decide to get a CDL.To sum up my opinion of Nettts...1) It is over priced for what you get and it takes far longer than it really needs to. 2)It is not in the best financial interests of NETTTS to tell you that OTR is really the only viable option for a new student to drive a CDL A truck...so they don't tell you. 3)NETTTS does not teach you how to drive.

They teach you how to get a CDL License. That's why when you do take a job with one of those companies there is a training period of any where from 4 days to 2 weeks. I strongly suggest you take the 2 week one. Because even after 6 or 7 months of school you really don't know sh*t.4) The field is garbage and really should be repaved and the lines and dashes should be painted a lot more often.

5) The equipment is not good but it will get the job done. 6) Some of the instructors should really be shown the door. Some people are just not meant to teach other people. Educate yourself about this industry, about NETTTS, and about all the other schools in the area before you make the decision to get a CDL.

Take the time to go and talk to all of them. Go to a truck stop and talk to some drivers. They love to talk to anyone who will listen because they are all so *** lonely.

I can not stress it enough EDUCATE YOURSELF!

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Thanks for the info, I think I will avoid NETTTS and see what the Teamsters Local 251 school has to offer instead.


I went for a refresher course and the first day I went to drive. The instructor said that you have a cdl you should know how to drive every time I would shifter would shake his head he treated me like l was dummy and he was so smart i don’t have to pay to be treated like crap


I went to Somers and could agree more with you, word for word this is on point. You have very limited number of instructors who want you to succeed and others who couldn’t care less, Bill, Mass Mike, Glenn, Walter, Brenda, Scott, Mike from CT and a couple others. But other than that the school doesn’t really care if you pass or not.

New Haven, Connecticut, United States #1312012

Bridgeport location is really bad. The instructors are all pervs.

The supervisor is the biggest ***.

If you a girl and sleep with him you will get license and pass. Bunch of animals don't go unless you a girl.

Oyster Bay, New York, United States #1305483

Not good at all


If you want a good paying job try applying for UPS. I worked there as a Seasonal package car driver (The small brown trucks you see everywhere), and as a package car driver I was making just shy of $20 an hour.

Full-time package car drivers start just shy of $30/hr and are making over $30/hr within their first four years. I don't know what they pay CDL drivers, but I'd have to believe if they're starting package car drivers just shy of $30/hr, they probably pay pretty well for CDL drivers.

Plus the benefits are phenomenal. You do have to join the Union, but it's well worth it for the money.

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #1182413

I would just like to add to this.

I was a student there several years ago and my experience there was a good one.

Granted I wasn't a one and done but I was a 2 and done. Now I am an instructor there and oh my how things have changed!!! This isn't the same school I went to. Management only cares about 1 thing and that's your money.

Some of the instructors that are there do absolutely nothing and could careless. The ones that do care are pretty much set up to fail. Everything I've been reading about the school I agree with. Well not everything such as the one comment in this particular post about the shifting truck.

Yes it does suck bad however it is a more efficient way of teaching students how to shift and handle the trucks vs immediately going out in a one on one basis.

As an instructor there I do care about my students. However I would strongly suggest you find a different school to attend.

This is a business only out for one thing and that's your money. The school has lost its way and have completely why they are there and that's to help the students.

Granby, Connecticut, United States #1123153

NETTTS also trains their drivers to drive up and down main routes during prime driving hours at 17 MPH. They are doing their students a great disservice as they will be driving at night, in the rain, and on the highway. They would be better off teaching on how to drive Miss Daisy!

to Anonymous New Britain, Connecticut, United States #1185427

They train you to drive UNDER the speed limit? interesting as I always drove 2-3 miles an hour under the speed limit.

they do drive in the rain/snow if you are on a one-on-one.

They also now take you on the highway. The new state testing is one hour long and requires you to go on the highway.


You are 100% on key with your review of NETTTS. It's all a scam in my opinion.

At first glance NETTTS appears to be an abandoned lot with broken down equipment of some sort littering its boundaries. The lot is run down, frost heaved and cracked, like most of its trucks and instructors. Class time is just as you stated, a waste of time, with more filler than facts. Instructors stand around drinking coffee and chit chatting while students struggle to teach themselves maneuvers.

Instructor and equipment to student ratio is ridiculous you're lucky to get in a truck once a week and even luckier if there is an instructor to instruct you. Missed classes? Well no need to worry about how you will make up the time- just go upstairs and sign on the line and the class is made up with no time ever served.

NETTTS in Somers was just on the *** earlier this year 2015 of losing their accreditation because of the amount of students that failed their CDL tests.. And yet, according to inside sources Somers is the school that keeps the entire NETTTS establishment afloat, pretty sad for a company that boast they are the YALE of driving schools.

to Anonymous Charlotte, Vermont, United States #1263592

Netts is not a good place to train they take your money and turn there back on you.

Quincy, Massachusetts, United States #1071656

Now they are using their same slimy tactics to lure in the HVAC students. So, how did they go about doing that?


Take the guy, Joe Lima, (that was the first person to teach magicians how to use smoke and mirrors for their benefit of manipulation and deception) and have him run that program. PERFECT!!!!


I went to Nettts in North Andover school i took the 160hr class they told me I should have my license in 2 month and is been 6 month and I finish and waiting 4 month for the road test. Everything I learn I did from other student.

Instructor seat around and do nothing.

If you ask to take you on the road they will tell you NO because you asked. I have video of what they do I will post it on YouTube .


Great feed back and thank you. I start in a few weeks. Can you fill me in on when they conduct the drug test?


When did they conduct the drug test?


OMG This place was suied by the FTC for being lying to people. that explains all the negative reviews.


In my honest opinion you are a disgruntled person, who probaly slacked the hole curriculum, I can say this because I am currently in NETTTS in north andover and I see plenty of you, you slack off and skate by. I am absolutely loving the school, sure the classroom was a little boring , but I also learned alot.

All I'm hearing is someone who is a whiny little girl, you probaly didn't pass your first time, so you are pissed. I have some advice grow the *** up. Please no one listen to this little girl. I will tell you how it really is, you are in the classroom for 12 weeks, you learn alot, and have fun.

Then you go to the field for 10 weeks, you have 2 weeks to go through every manuever. 2 weeks, straight back, 2 weeks blind side back up, 2 weeks sight side back up, 2 weeks alley dock, and your last 2 weeks are used as a floater in which you use the time to practice all manuevers and pretrips. Also during this time you get checked off on yard shifting. After they feel you can shift they randomly pair you up with road instructors in which they take you randomly on the road, highways etc..

for real life training. I am so sick of these little babies that expect everything to be perfect, my advice go to NETTTS I am having alot of fun learning alot and cannot wait to get my license and start a career

to Anonymous #1089466

Buddy, you just wait til it's time to schedule your road test!!!... You'll be singing a different tune then!

They're going to drag it out FOREVER & on top of that, there in cohoots with the Statues.

Even if you pass,...you fail the 1st time.. They need the overtime on your dime

to Anonymous #1089470

They're in cahoots with the Staties!!! It's a cash scam

to Anonymous Bristol, Connecticut, United States #1177535

I just passed one an done an the school is great if you willing to put the effort you probably never did so that's why you do like the school it's cause of you not any other reason an look how much a truck is to run that 10grand we pay is nothing compared to the insurance alone on all the trucks

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