my problem is the i got my certificates for the training i needed and havent got my license cause of the d.o.t. officer said that i made 5 mistakes which wasnt true and he put on the paperwork that i passed and put his stamp on the fail check mark so then after awhile i would go back to the school and try to make up the help i needed and all i did was stand out on the field doing nothing but stand there looking at people moving the trucks around the yard.

then i called back a few years later cause of the bull *** ive been going thought with them and the only thing they was worry about is getting there money. i think that this schoool makes to many promisses that they cant keep. i only thing i got from them is my certificates that is sitting on my closet shelf collecting dust and is not doing me any good what a waste of money at lease c.r.

england give you more reason to go to them for the right training . well think twice before putting money to this school im still waiting to get my CDL A license.

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