NETTS is all about sales and getting your $$$$. Then you spend weeks standing in a parking lot waiting for your turn to practice backing-up... you may get only a couple chances in the driver's seat per day because there are so many students.

The equipment is absolute ***. The trucks in the closed lot area, are junk-yard vehicles with only tires on outer rims. Bathrooms are filthy porta-potties, break room was an unheated room with no lighting, picnic tables, everything covered in tobacco spit and cigarette butts. The instructors seemed to be a bunch of burned out "heavy drinkers". This is not a school... it's more like a mafia pyramid scheme.

I got my license and a job... found my own job. Many of the trucking companies I have worked for would have trained me for free if I had gone to work there as a driver's helper. This training is over priced, sub-standard, the equipment is absolute junk.

Find a trucking company that will train you for free after 6 months or a year as a driver's helper or warehouse worker.... you will know something about the industry while being paid!!!!

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How can I find a place to be a driver's helper...? I want to get my cdl


all about the money!!! they dont care for the students once theyre locked in the program. not one bit.

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